Woah. Jessica Alba was a car thief at 12.

May 12th, 2013
Jessica "wild child" Alba
May 12th, 2013

She's known for her wholesome Hollywood image so when Jessica Alba confessed she had a wild past, it didn't take long for our ears to prick up.

Not only did J-Alba get drunk with her first boyfriend at the tender age of 11 but she also used to regularly steal cars. Well, her mum's car.

Jessica, 32, and her mother spoke to Entertainment Tonight in honour of Mother’s Day in the USA, where the secrets came out.

She said, "Who was the first boy that I brought over? Santino! We accidentally drank Wild Turkey. How old was I with Santino? Eleven?"

Jessica’s mother, Cathy, replied, "On air right now you are telling me . . . well, it was so long ago! This is a little shocking that you drank Wild Turkey in sixth grade!"

We’re guessing she didn’t know that anecdote then!

The A Lister then added: "Remember when I used to steal the car and go to Jack in the Box? We would go get food. Like, that was our activity! But I was, you know, 12."

Luckily, it seems that she always managed to get the car back in one piece, but Cathy revealed that her daughter has a habit of losing her belongings.

“She loses things. She seems like she's all together all the time, but this girl has gone through more passports, more credit cards, more keys. . ."

Jessica replied, "I realized right now that I don't have my wedding rings on as we're talking about losing things. I think I put them in my jewelry box that Honor made me."

One word – yikes!


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