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taylorswift "I tend to choose red carpet earrings based on how much they resemble a tiny octopus about to attack you and crawl in your ear."

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny and Amber's baby plans…and rows with ex Vanessa Paradis

May 8th, 2013
Johnny Depp
Johnny and Amber gearing up for children?
May 8th, 2013

It looks like Johnny Depp's reconciled romance with Amber Herd is getting serious after TheFIX has exclusively learnt she's already talking babies. Yep, she's one fast mover!

And considering Amber, 27, already appears to be calling the shots, with Johnny quitting alcohol under her orders, it looks like he could be welcoming a second round of parenthood any time soon.

Our source said, "Amber has told friends that she's broody and wants children. What's unlucky for her is that this information has made its way back to Johnny's ex Vanessa."

Yes, the ex that Johnny officially split from last year after their romance became strained during his filming of 2010 flick "The Rum Diary", alongside co-star Amber.

French model and actress Vanessa Paradis has been keeping a low profile since their split but those close to the former couple say she's "livid" about 49-year-old Johnny's decision to return to the young Hollywood beauty.

"Vanessa has called Johnny up screaming, saying he is a hypocrite for changing so dramatically since they met," she says.

"Vanessa is bitter that she is the mother of his children and was strong enough to survive years of Johnny’s partying and carousing on sets, saying that Amber would never have stood by his side.

"And the fact that Amber is telling friends she wants kids with Johnny has pushed her over the edge.”

Vanessa, 40, is also less than impressed about their two children spending time with Amber in America, preferring them to live predominately with her in Paris.

"Vanessa is a free spirit, which she always thought Johnny was too. But now Amber has him on a strict, all-American regime," says our insider. "And she's worried that it is carrying over into his parenting style."

Vanessa Paradis "livid" at reconciliation and baby news!


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