Awkward: Watch Shia LaBoeuf's creepy traffic staredown

Jul 15th, 2013
Shia LaBoeuf
Jul 15th, 2013

Your morning LOLs, courtesy of Transformers star Shia LaBeouf!

Unsuspecting motorcyclist Philip Caputo was riding in Burbank, California, filming his journey via some kind of helmet cam (as you do). While waiting at a traffic light, he caught a glimpse of a man staring at him out of the corner of his eye.

As the camera swings around, Shia is revealed in all his creeper glory!

"This truck pulls up next to me at a stop light," Philip recalls in his video description.

"I can see out of my periphery that the dude is just staring at me. The strange part is that he is in a right turn only lane and should be turning right. Not wanting to make eye contact I ignore him, but the dude is still staring at me.

"So I look left, just to see what is going on. To balance things out, I then turn and look right. Turns out it was Shia LaBeouf. We exchanged pleasantries, the light turned green, and we drove on."

Not your average ride to work, eh? Relive the hilarious moment in our video above.


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