Next victim! Joan Rivers calls baby North West 'ugly' in stand-up show

Jan 20th, 2014
Joan Rivers, North West
Jan 20th, 2014

We've been known to have a chuckle at Joan River's celeb jabs in the past… but calling baby North West "ugly" may have crossed the line!

The acid-tongued Fashion Police host slagged off the 7-month-old bub, at her most recent stand-up show after seeing Kim and daughter Nori at the E! offices.

And in usual Joan-Rivers-style, she didn’t hold back. "That baby is ugly… I've never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of waxing!" she said.

Admittedly, this isn't the first time Nori's brows have the subject of chit-chat.

Kim was forced to defend herself on Twitter recently, after fans swore the reality star had taken to her babies unibrow with hot wax!

The 32-year-old tweeted: "Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young? Come on, I'd wait until she was at least two and a half."

See Joan, there's a difference between a joke and a jab.

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