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kellyosbourne "Ssshhhhh.... Im on my way to the #RDMAs! I'm so excited to be debuting one of my favorite pieces from @storiesbyko!!! 💜"

Camera ban! Kimye shoots down wedding rumours and reveals: 'It will not be filmed'

May 7th, 2014
Kim Kardashian
May 7th, 2014

Kim Kardashian has taken to social media to slam "nonsense" rumours about her wedding to Kanye West. The first…yep, she's not already Mrs West.

But the one we found the most interesting is Kim, 33, revealing the big day won't be filmed for reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"We are not filming our wedding for Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the star tweeted. "You will see everything leading up til [the wedding] & maybe even photos," Kim says. "As much as we would love to share these memories, privacy is our main priority."

We're in shock! Who knew "privacy" was in Kim's vocabulary? After all, she's part of the family that has filmed everything from childbirth to public urination and of course, Kim's extravagant but short-lived wedding to Kris Humphries.

She does divulge a few details about the big day – or should that be not-so-big? "No guest list has been released. Seeing fake ones. Especially not 1600 people invited like I just read. Its VERY small & intimate," Kim insists. So just a modest 1500 people, then?

And those photos of "Kim's dress" that have surfaced online are all lies! "Seeing fake wedding dress pics of me. No one has seen my dress! Those photos are old or photo shopped," the star says. But since the wedding won't be televised, we may never see the real deal in all its glory. Sad face!

Kim's hardly camera-shy, so does the filming ban come from her "control freak" fiancé? Sources reveal that Kanye's been an insufferable groomzilla in the lead-up to the wedding.

"It's just insane," a friend told Heat magazine. "He's sometimes even forgetting to involve Kim in the meetings with the wedding planner. She feels like the whole thing might be spinning out of control."

Kanye's wedding plans are apparently so over-the-top, it's a shame the cameras won't be rolling! "This will be the event of the year," the source says. "Think fashion runway, stage show performance. Think avant-garde. Think nothing like you've ever seen."

Well, if Kanye gets his way, we're never going to!

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