Top plastic surgeon claims Beyonce has had a 'nose job, lip fillers and botox' 2 hours ago
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Kaley Cuoco regrets love tattoo, covers it up: 'Do not mark your body with any future wedding dates' 3 hours ago

Marriage might not always be forever, but tattoos are.

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Jennifer Lawrence reveals her favourite moment of 2015
Jennifer Lawrence's favourite moment of 2015 has nothing to do with movies…and involves lots of alcohol 5 hours ago
Jennifer Lawrence must be Hollywood's funnest star...or at least the Oscar winner most likely to embarrass herself on a drunken night out.
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Kylie and Dannii Minogue's first TV performance in 29 years
Kylie and Dannii Minogue didn't perform together on TV for 29 years...until last night's X Factor finale 5 hours ago
Christmas just came one month early for Kylie and Dannii Minogue fans.
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Gwen Stefani's 'I love you, Blake' gets awkward
Gwen Stefani confesses love for Blake Shelton, immediately wonders if 'that was dumb' 18 hours ago

Well that "I love you" didn't go so smoothly.

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Bindi Irwin breaks down in tears on DWTS
Bindi Irwin breaks down crying at surprise picture of father Steve at the end of her dance 20 hours ago

Bindi Irwin had her most emotional moment yet on Dancing With The Stars.

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Bindi Irwin's DWTS standing ovation
Bindi Irwin receives standing ovation and all-10s for 'dazzling' quickstep a day ago
Bindi Irwin has edged one step closer to winning Dancing With The Stars US.
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Joe who? Gigi Hadid has already moved on with Zayn Malik a day ago
Gigi Hadid sure doesn't waste any time.
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Katie Holmes 'head over heels' for Jamie Foxx but they're still dating on the down low a day ago
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Australia’s top model
No family drama here! Miranda Kerr is coming home for 'big get-together' at Christmas a day ago

Miranda Kerr's parents complained she wasn't home often enough in their ABC interview last year, but that won't be a problem this Christmas.

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