Mum-to-be Michelle Bridges talks bringing up baby: 'Nutrition will play a massive role' an hour ago
Regrets, Michelle Bridges has had a few.
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Harrison Ford got paid how much to star in the first Star Wars film?!
Harrison Ford got paid how much to star in the first Star Wars film?! 2 hours ago
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope made over $775 million at the box office in the '70s, but it turns out the stars of the flick weren't as financially blessed.
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Zoolander 2's raunchy international trailer
Penelope Cruz gets groped for 'buoyancy' in Zoolander 2's international trailer 2 hours ago

We've had two weeks to recover from the last Zoolander 2 trailer, and then this comes along.

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Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid end their engagement: 'They've been having problems for a long time' 4 hours ago
While the rest of the US were heading home for Thanksgiving weekend, Courteney Cox and  Johnny McDaid were calling off their wedding plans.
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Kylie Jenner shows off bare butt in skin-tight latex chaps for her most risqué photo shoot yet 5 hours ago

Looks like Kim Kardashian West has officially handed the baton over to her little sister Kylie Jenner. 

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Up-and-coming DJ Tigerlily on over-the-top fans: 'One guy had my name tattooed on his ribs in a big love heart' 19 hours ago
Oh, the things fans will do for love of their favourite performer.
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice new teaser
Batman v Superman's intense new teaser reveals a surprise twist 20 hours ago

Warner Bros just dropped a sneak peek of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that contains a game-changing moment.

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Psy returns with 'Daddy'
The new 'Gangnam Style'? Psy returns and he's celebrating 'dad bod' in so-bad-it's-terrifying new video 21 hours ago
Uh-oh. Looks like "dad bod" style might be on the verge of becoming an actual thing.
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Alex Pettyfer bares all about Channing Tatum feud
Magic Mike's Alex Pettyfer bares all about Channing Tatum feud: 'He doesn't like me' a day ago

British actor Alex Pettyfer has finally spilled the beans on his feud with Magic Mike co-star and producer Channing Tatum.

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Unfollow and delete: First comes the celeb break-up, then the social media purge a day ago
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