Nicole Kidman attends daughter Isabella's wedding…but Tom Cruise is a no-show 3 hours ago
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have a new son-in-law, but only one of them was there to officially welcome him into the family.
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Singer James Blunt talks about his military past
James Blunt recalls harrowing experience with the British Army in Kosovo: 'It was just too violent and too ugly' 4 hours ago
James Blunt has faced things far scarier in his life than Twitter trolls and terrible TV talent show hopefuls.
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Kris Jenner gives up hope of a Kourtney and Scott reunion after reveal of his new teenage girlfriend 5 hours ago
Blinders no more! It looks like Kris Jenner has seen the light when it comes to Scott Disick.
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Taylor Swift and Keith Urban rock the house in Toronto
Taylor Swift adds Keith Urban to her squad of A-list onstage guest stars 6 hours ago


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Amber Rose in tears over Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West
Amber Rose breaks down onstage over Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West 7 hours ago
Social media queens who wear lingerie in public get hurt too...and they sometimes cry about it onstage.
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Crazy fan harasses Katy Perry
TheFIX five: Katy and Selena fan encounters go Matt Damon squirms over gay scandal 3 days ago
Here are your celeb highlights of the week, FIXers.
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Mira Sorvino apologizes to the real inventor of The Post-It
Mira Sorvino apologises to the real inventor of Post-It notes 3 days ago
In one of the cutest Friday flashbacks ever, Mira Sorvino has finally apologised to the actual guy who invented Post-Its…about 18 years too late! 
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The evolution of Toni Collette's face
TheFIX face morph - the evolution of Toni Collette 3 days ago
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Miley shocked at co-host's nudity
This week in TV: Miley's flasher, Sam Armytage's Bieber squeeze and Nicole Scherzinger's hard-to-watch interview 3 days ago
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The hot '90s heartthrobs you won't recognise today 3 days ago
Times have changed for some of the '90s top idols...and so have their faces.
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